What are the steps on making a social networking website?

  • Step one: Identify your vision and what makes your social network unique. If it’s not unique in experience or content, why would someone leave their existing friendship connections and massive content available on the social networks they already use every day?
  • Step two: Figure out your design and development strategy.
  • Step three: Figure out your long term monetization plan.

After you have completed these preliminary steps, you now have to make an important decision about how you will execute these plans. Are you going to hire a tech team to build it ‘in-house’ or use an pre-built white label solution?

Building it yourself means a lot of time and money invested. Your time to market is going to be much longer than using a pre-built solution, and also the amount of money that you will have to invest in this undertaking will be significantly higher. This means greater risk for you and your team. Using a white label solution means you can get your product to market more quickly and you can take a smaller financial risk.

If you decide that a white label solution is for you, there’s a lot of options out there to begin evaluating. Once you have started looking you will quickly discover that most of them are cheap and do not have the user experience that is required to successfully keep users on your platform. In today’s market you need to have the kind of premium quality experience that users are accustomed to. Most of the white label social networks out there are built on hybrid apps which means they built web then use software to make it function like an app. The problem with that approach is the app is clunky and doesn’t feel as smooth as it should. Another challenge is that most of them are cookie-cutter solutions that don’t let you customize to your needs.

A good solution to these problems to check out is ExistSocial. This platform is built with native apps to offer a premium experience from the start. ExistSocial also offers customization to the design and feature combinations as well as custom feature development. This means you aren’t stuck with a partial solutions, but you can get built exactly what you want and need.They offer a premium white label solution, but in this industry you get what you pay for. Here’s some pics to checkout and be sure to visit their site.

Exist Social

Don’t start out building a social network. The network effect existing social networks have make it near impossible for them to leave.

Instead, build a solution that people want to use every day.

As people come back to your site daily, build tools to let them talk to each other. That’s the beginning of a community.

Then let them setup a profile, and give them ways to connect with each other. That is how you build a social network.

As for the technical bits, use open source solutions like php and MySQL to start. Down the road you’ll change them, but they will get you going in the beginning.

Don’t hire a dev to build it. Find a co-founder, or learn programming yourself. Chances are your idea will pivot a few times, and you don’t want to pay someone to makes changes all the time.

1. Copy Facebook

2.  Get people to use it.