What will it take for Google to unify ‘social’ under their control?

They would need to purchase Facebook and Twitter and the rest of the social competitors to gain full control.

What’s stopping them are US anti-trust laws that would prohibit them from gobbling up competitors and becoming the monopoly. 
what are anti-trust laws

They could purchase all those companies and become Skynet, but there are too many people out there that don”t want that to happen -and for really, really good reasons.

When you are the only person or company in a marketplace, you have full power over your products and consumers have little to no influence over how you do business.  Doesn’t matter if your service is bad, you charge too much, or if things are difficult to use, because there’s no alternative.

I love Google products, it’s no secret if you read my answers here on Quora, but I for one LOVE that Google has some competition.  It’s good for me, the consumer, and good for the company as it forces them to innovate and continually make their products better.