What is the state of social media in Syria?

Syria has no official Facebook users from the nation. If you try to target Syria in Facebook Ads console, it does not provide the facility. The nation have not only blocked Facebook but also various other social networks like Twitter.

Syria is but not away from Social Networks. It is one of the hottest topics discussed by millions of people in Facebook and Twitter.

The country of 20 million people is engaged a civil war for over a year now, and its President Bashar Al-Assad is seeing the bloodiest revolution against his regime. Other hot topics of discussion are its relationship with Russia and China, the friendly relations with Iran, and the anti-west stand.

Here is a quick analysis of how people talked about Syria in last 3 weeks – between 5th and 26th Dec. Data tracked using Simplify360, leading Social Media Listening Platform.

There are about 993k mentions about Syria in Social Media space, which averages to around 35k daily. About 8% of conversation have negative opinion, while 25% have neutral.
Most of the conversation is in English. Good percentage in Arabic. This shows low integration of Syrian population in other parts of the World.
The majority of people talking about Syria are in the older age group (40+), which shows low political interest in the today’s youth.
Most of the buzz comes from Twitter (close to 95%). There is good number of news articles and forum posts but Twitter conversation is huge.

It is sad to see people of Syria being deprived of Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, and they are losing the opportunity to network with the Global mass and exchange views and do business.

It is a huge revenue loss for the govt of Syria as well.

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