Could Twitch’s new social stream Pulse compete with Twitter?

On Pulse’s initial release, no.

As it stands today, Twitch dominates the market for individuals wanting to stream themselves online playing video games, which is what Twitch currently is – a platform largely based around streamimg video games. A relatively similar concept applies to Twitter, but at a larger, less constrictive level.

Twitter, on the contrary, applies to the masses as it is a social media platform geared towards every day people. Today, not every person that uses Twitter uses Twitch. However, from what I have seen, ever streamer that uses Twitch uses Twitter. In saying that, I feel this new product, Pulse, definitely has potential to eventually beat out Twitter further down the road.

Twitch has been slowly emerging into new markets for streamers, such as the Creative or the IRL sections. These sections are expanding or widening Twitch’s audience so it is no longer just gamers that go to Twitch to watch online content. As Twitch grows and widdens its user base by expanding to more than just gaming, the opportunity for a centralized in-house solution for social media is also growing.

To summarize, I believe Pulse could most definitely be a strong contender against Twitter in the future as Twitch continues to broaden its horizons. However, it is much to early to tell what direction they are going to take this new product.