Are there people who specialize in building community around early adopters?

I’m the initiator of a blog called Beta List ( ) which is geared towards early-adopters and lists startups that are currently in private beta or have a ‘beta mailing list’.

I only started the blog a couple of weeks ago, but it’s already gaining a lot of traffic (mainly due to coverage by TechCrunch), so I learned a few things already:

  • Build a ‘coming soon’ page where you give a sneak peek of your product. If you can’t give anything away yet, just make it sound mysterious and people will still be interested (but you will probably attract a lot of irrelevant users as well)
  • Have people sign up for a newsletter or ‘beta list’ so you can send them an email as soon as you need testers.
  • Make sure your landing page looks professional. If you don’t have a designer in your team, be sure to hire one (search Quora for ways to do this) and have him/her design the page. I know for a fact a great-looking page attracts much(!) more people than a regular or bad looking one.
  • Contact blogs such as mine and announce your landing page.
  • Make your page spreadable (Twitter and Facebook buttons)
  • Actively engage your Twitter audience if you have one.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

I’d check with… if you are looking for “influencers.” Community is best when organic however.