What is the best way to use Facebook effectively?

I’m a CS student. So I need constant help in my studies as well as review of my presentations/codes/submitting-paper etc. You know Stack Overflow and Quora are always good resources to ask and find answers.

But there are some silly question that may arise your brain what you may find hard but is really easy, posting them in SO or Quora will not be easy, as they would be closed or remain unanswered. Also SO or Quora is a huge index and finding specific Q&A can become hard.

So I join severals Programming/Algorithm/Peer-Reviewer groups in FB. Though finding the right groups are hard a tip may help :

  • only join group which are private, because they tends to strict with spam.
  • If it is a open group go through the posts and see the quality and n oof spams.
  • Check the group admin profile.
  • Check the group docs.

Also follow some cool Science pages which updates regularly with quality posts

  • 13 Really Cool Science Pages on Facebook
  • 26 Facebook Science Pages You Should Check Out!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

^remember that also. So follow some cool funny meme pages but don’t diverge completely in that and lose your precious time.


  1. Don’t lose your time chatting with useless people and befriend with whom you can take guidance from.
  2. Before posting anything in FB group please search in google or you can be slammed with “RTFM” comment.
  3. Use the best resource in world INTERNET.

If you want to run a great marketing strategy on Facebook, increase engagement, and improve your effectiveness, here are five things you must remember:

1. Humanize your business.

2. Use the best Facebook tool like White Hat Following Like.

It is a comprehensive Facebook tool which can help you auto execute any task you want. So you can keep your profile active and do not need to spend a lot of time on manging your Facebook account.

3. Share content worth sharing.

Like most content marketing initiatives, your Facebook content should be more about quality than quantity. Worry less about posting a certain number of times each day, and put more thought into the variety of content your audience would love to consume and share on their own pages.

4. Include video whenever possible.

5. Invite people to opt in at the right time.

Remember that the main goal of your social presence is to build an audience and ultimately attract customers to your business. To do this, you should never spam your followers with requests to opt in to your email communication, free trials, consultations, etc. This kind of indiscriminate salesmanship will prompt your audience to quit following you.

6. Focus on engaging your audience.

During Disasters!

Recently Facebook announced that it will help people in connecting the Blood donors and Blood receivers. All you need to do is register yourself for volunteering.

Next time, if someone needs blood from your area then you’ll be notified asking for help.

In India, donors are too much yet many receivers don’t get the blood on time. [1]

Here is the link to become a donor: https://m.facebook.com/donateblood/

Be someone’s superhero by donating your blood.

Even during Mumbai floods of 29th August 2017, Facebook created an option to volunteer and help people nearby by providing them the necessary things.

Facebook has a huge userbase which can beat many countries’ population as well. Taking the best advantage of it makes Facebook even better.

Kudos to Facebook!


[1] Facebook wants to help people in India find blood

I personally use it for motivation.

I know it sounds a bit lame but that is how I function. I have the superpower of getting motivated at places where others may feel differently. As for how Facebook motivates me, this is the process:

  • I see the photos of my friends going to parties I was not invited to by a sudden “unexplainable mistake” of course , watching movies without me stating a similar reason or a close relative of it and doing stuff which generally I like to do.
  • I like the photos. Sometimes add a positive comment on them as well.
  • I log out and then work my ass off with a personal agenda of having more fun than them once I achieve my goals.
  • I repeat this every time I feel frustrated or get tired of how much I have to study.

It’s an unorthodox way to use Facebook but it has been quite an effective one for me. But do it only if you have the self control to log out when necessary. Otherwise it becomes severely counter-productive if you keep endlessly browsing through your news feed.

Conventional uses:

  • You can use it to chat with friends whose personal numbers you don’t have.
  • I have successfully struck a few conversations with strangers and they have become close friends later but do remember to not sound creepy when chatting with people who don’t know you personally.
  • You can use it to market for your business as well. How to Effectively Use a Facebook Page for Business Marketing

If you are starting on Facebook, you can use this article 10 Ways to use Facebook Effectively

Happy Facebooking. Quora will welcome you back once you get tired of it.

For a normal people getting traffic for their posts is the only thing to do. But did your know Facebook is also a great tool for marketing. With 1.71 billion people, Facebook has the highest number of users. And with this much of users, whatever business you have there will be someone who talk about your business.

Firstly, you have to be masters in content writing. The content should be interesting and should contain each and every information of your business.

You have to upload good quality of photos and videos.

You can motivate your customers.

You want to first set up everything so that you can test it effectively

Berkshire SEO

Then, you want to find the best way to market online, and use software to handle as much of it as possible.

Berkshire SEO

The two links here are each articles I’ve written. the first is about setting up Testing for things like this, and the second is on automating social media.


Reading news (directly from the source). I’ve never been one care about current events, but after the 2016 election, politics has been a sort of “meme.” I’ve tried individualized news apps, and subscribing to news sources via email, but I would end up never reading because I hated getting constant notifications. One day, I decided to follow the Guardian, and then eventually six more new source’s FB pages. It worked. It came to the point where I was running out of free articles.

There is also the fore-mentioned Facebook groups, one of which helped me lose 12 pounds. But that’s a different story, for another day.

I saw this post in my Facebook feed today.

It is because I have liked the page Art of Mathematics.

I think I am using facebook effectively.

Image Source: Facebook

  1. For personal reason, I just suggest that you can add your friends and families, posts according to your mood.
  2. For business reason, first you must build an FB page and make a content strategy. Then I recommend you to build a FB group to operate core users.

If you have your own business, try creating a page. start posting relevant content on regular intervals. Let people interact and engage on your page. Market it with little budget. Marketing costs are little lower comparing to traditional marketing and also, you will have deeper and specific target audience for your business needs.

you can expect revenue out of FB marketing.

Using facebook doesn’t need any special skills.. Facebook can be accessed in different languages. Yes !! You need to be familiar with your device you are using. Rest all are very simple. When you buy a new computer or smartphone ,you use it and ultimately you come to know about everything. So, take this moment to try everything out . You may like it.

Get Started | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

Firstly, upload our cover picture, profile picture & about me information. Then sync your accounts, which you can find it under ‘Find Friends’.

Besides this, best way is to visit the link above which I have pasted.

  • Just like the pages of your interest
  • follow amazing people and amazing pages.                                           … well that’s all i can use facebook in the best way possible. otherwise i think it is just useless…

Honestly there isn’t any, its all speculative, irrelevant and unpredictable.

Follow iCHATit.com, it has a living PURPOSE.